53.GRECO/FIANO,PIPOLI,BASILICATA 2017                                                                                                                         £28.95

From the deep of Italy, this full of rich tropical fruit with zesty lime juice keeping the wine fresh and clean, perfect with seafood pasta like fettucini with crab or scallops risotto, just 12.5% alcohol


54.PASSIMENTO BLANCO, ROMEO AND LULIET, 2016                                                                                                           £26.50    This is essentially a richer version of soave. Made, like soave, with garganega grape, but with grapes semi-dried before fermentation. intense aromas and flavours of citrus and peaches lead to a crist dry finish. Perfect with shellfish dishes including the linguine and lobster house speciality, 13% alcohol


55. MAcON- LOCHE, DOMAIN PERRATON, 2016                                                                                                                     £28.50

The Perraton brothers make outstanding white wine burgundy in their spotless winery. Unoaked but full of rich fruit, this will be enjoyed by Meursault fans looking for a bargain.Ideal simply cooked flat fish like dover sole. brill or turbot 13% alcohol

56,NERO D`AVOLA/SHIRAZ,ORGANIC, SICILY 2016                                                                                                             £25.95

Made from organically grown grapes in Sicily, this is a medium bodied red wine fruity blackberry and plum flavours flecked withspice.Great with lighter meat like a veal or chicken or even fish if you prefer red wine 13% alcohol.

57,NEGROAMARO, IL PUMO, SALENTO,2017                                                                                                                          £26.50

From the deep south of Italy, this full bodied but smooth with gentle acidity keeping the fresh, perfect with rich sauced red meat dishes like beef barolo or even with cheese at the end  of a meal. 13.5% alcohol

58,MALBEC, PUNTO FINAL, ARGENTINA                                                                                                                                 £27.50

Realy classic malbec from Argentina. Geltley oaked it has flavours of blackurrant and raspberry with hints of vanilla from the wood, smooth silky and great with simply grilled steak or tagliata. 13% alcohol





Wine vintages are checked and revised monthly, but occasional variations may occur.