53. GAVI DI GAVI LA GUISTINIANA, 2017                                                                                                                                        


This is seriously classy and absolutely perfect with simply cooked fish dishes like the Dover sole or the seafood/crab salad. Delicate stone fruit and lime zest flavours finish crisp and dry. And at 12.5% alcohol it won’t leave you reeling.


54. SOAVE CLASSICO, CAMPO DO TOVI, 2017                                                                      


Winemaker Stefano Inama gets an astonishing level of flavour into his Soave. Delicate stonefruit and almond flavours lead to a ripe but crisp finish. Perfect with richer fish dishes like the lobster linguine or scallop risotto and just 12% alcohol.


55. SAVATIANO, PAPAGIANNAKOS, GREECE, 2016                                                                 


Savatiano is one of Greece’s most popular grape varieties and this is made from 50-year-old vines grown in Attica, not far from the Acropolis. The perfect wine with grilled fish, shellfish and white meats, with broad citrus-tinged flavours, a touch of herbs and fresh zesty finish.


56. BARDOLINO, PASQUA, 2016                                                                                                                       


This is Bardolino at its most gulpable and perfect if you like your reds in a light fruity thirst-quenching style. Full of black cherry fruit with lip-smacking acidity, it is perfect for cutting through richly sauced pasta dishes like the linguine, cannelloni or penne. Just 12% alcohol.




Made in an early drinking style, this is full of rich cherry and blackberry notes with a soft but juicy finish. Great with richer red meat dishes like the beef Barolo, peppered steak or spezzatino. 13% alcohol.


58. PINOT NOIR, BLIND RIVER, MARLBOROUGH, NEW ZEALAND 2013                                                        


Proof that New Zealand can make classy pinot noir, capable of aging. Not heavy but with enough fruit to make this perfect with lighter meat dishes like the rack of lamb, veal, or chicken breast. A good choice too if you prefer red wine with seafood. 13.5% alcohol






Wine vintages are checked and revised monthly, but occasional variations may occur.




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